As an avid skimboarder himself, Alex Dobbie launched White Rock Skimboarding early in 2014. Six months later he had a burgeoning business that continues to expand. The Peace Arch News referred to Alex as being “already ahead of the pack with a viable White Rock business that is making waves.”

After skimboarding for so long, and having kids come up and watch all the time, Alex decided to offer camps on the beach. Working through the process he applied for and all of the necessary business licenses, permits and insurance in order to bring his idea to fruition. The City of White Rock, Tourism White Rock and local merchants all helped promote the camps and spread word through their social media connections.

White Rock Skimboarding runs summer camps through the months of July and August for kids ages 7 to 14. As groups of 7-10, the kids enjoy learning all about the sport, safety, while also playing some fun games and observing the sweet sea life at the beach. We have found all sorts of things from little crabs and fish – to starfish and bigger crabs – don’t worry though, the crabs are quite friendly! On top of the camps, WRS also offers private lessons for all ages through May – August, while also renting skimboards down on East Beach!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us