What’s included

Individual attention

Everyone learns at different paces. Our camps are designed to help each kid learn tricks at their own pace. Instructors give unique and individualized tips for every single kid depending on how they learn and at which pace they learn.

This is the best part! Kids will learn a variety of different tricks ranging from a simple 180 all the way to a pop shove reverse fire hydrant!

Skimboard Jump/Rail
If any of the kids feel up to it and want to challenge themselves, specially built skimboard ramps and rails will be brought out for more advanced riders.

Fun games and some ocean swims!
Everyone needs a break here and there. After getting all sandy from skimboarding we usually take two swims in the ocean – one before break and one before the end of the camp. This varies depending on the day and the group of kids. We also play a variety of games including: Octopus, British Bulldog, Capture the sandal, Various different forms of tag including skimboard tag, and the famous mud war!

White Rock Skimboarding Souvenir
Your very own White Rock Skimboarding Camp T-shirt or blue draw-string tote bag is included in the camp fee and will be given on the first day of camps at sign in!

On the last day of the camp, the instructors will be taking pictures of everyone as they skimboard!  The pictures will be posted on our Facebook page following the camp.



5 Day Camps
$150 – Camps for boys and girls ages 7 to 14.

4 Day Camps
$130 – Camps for boys and girls ages 7 to 14.

Board Rentals
If you don’t have a board, you can rent one for $5 per day, which is $25 for the 5 day camps, and $20 for the four & three day camps.  You can also purchase a Limited Edition White Rock Skimboarding Camp board for $90.

It is essential to have a good quality board, read more here