Due to tide flucuations, the time of some camps may not be the same every day.

When the tide comes in, it is impossible to skimboard, so some of the camps may have different times to compensate for the tides.

There are four camps that only run for 4 days. If you are interested in these, read more on camps here!

We will typically host camps at West Beach, right beside the big white rock.


This is an example of a typical tide chart:

How  to Read a Tide Chart

The two most important parts to this diagram are:

  • The time on the bottom of the picture
  • The dip of the blue wave

The lower the blue area dips, the further out the tide will be. In this case, low tide is at about 11:30AM (X-axis) at just under 2 feet (Y-axis). This is prime time to skimboard!

You don’t always have to go when the tide is at its lowest point. In this particular graph you could have a good skim session anywhere between 8:30AM and 4PM.

It all depends on which part of the beach you go to, East Beach typically stays out longer than West Beach

On most parts of the beach, 7 feet is when the tide is starting to get too close to the shore to skimboard, but you can usually skim on the edge of the ocean as it floods in.